APeT is a life science company specialised in:

  • Inherited metabolic diseases
  • Controlled drug delivery
  • Clinical diagnostics
  • Metabolic pathway analysis

APeT paves the way towards a personalised medicine with less side effects, improved efficacy and enhanced patient compliance, combined with a significant reduction of cost of healthcare.

In order to enable accurate personalised medicine, APeT is developing ground-breaking treatments and clinical diagnostics for metabolic, psychiatric and CNS diseases. In cooperation with the University of Groningen, APeT has developed a cutting-edge gastro-retentive controlled drug delivery technology platform for drugs and nutraceuticals.

With the University of Eindhoven, APeT is developing HUMETICS, a diagnostic metabolomics machine learning system that identifies unique metabolic patterns in a patient and provides potential treatment options. Drug treatments for ASD, ADHD and Parkinson's disease are in clinical development.

ApeT's technology can be applied to many other indications. Among others, ApeT is developing treatments for depression and sleep disorders.












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